1 Contact
1.1 How can I contact you?

By phone: 030 2676960

Available on working days from 9 am to 5 pm. You immediately get an employee on the line.


By e-mail: [email protected]

24 per day, 7 days per week. Response time: within 1 business day.


Visit us: Open on working days from 9 am to 5 pm

Damzigt 30

3454 PS De Meern

2 Service
2.1 Report a complaint

The complaint can be reported to the Sales department of Indini. Complaints must be submitted within 14 days of receipt of your order.


For a quick and correct handling of your complaint, we kindly ask you to mention the following information:

  • Name, address, place of residence, customer number and order number.


As soon as we have received your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from us. You will receive a substantive
response by telephone or e-mail within 5 working days after the confirmation of receipt.


If you feel that your complaint has not been properly dealt with, you can submit the complaint for mediation to Thuiswinkel as a business client via www.thuiswinkel.org. On this site you can find more information on how to do this. Only our business customers can turn to

3 Order procedure
3.1 How does the ordering process work if I want to place an order?

The ordering process at Indini is done in a number of steps.


1. Check your details

2. Choose shipping method

3. Choose payment method

4. Confirm your order

Until the last step, you can always go back to the beginning. Your order will not be final until you have confirmed your order in the last step.

3.2 Register / login

1. To order at Indini, you must first log in with your account. More information about creating and logging in can be found in this help section under my account.


register or log in to the indini website

3.3 Add item to shopping basket

2. Put an article in the shopping cart. You do this by clicking the ADD button. You will now see a pop-up window containing the product information, the possibility to enter a number and you can permanently add the item to your shopping basket by clicking ADD TO again. For more information, go to steps 3 and 4.


add article to cart

3.4 Select and add number of products

3. Select the number of items you want to add to the shopping cart. Then click ADD TO CART . Your product will now be placed in your shopping cart. Proceed to step 4.


select and add number of articles

3.5 Back to product overview or to the cash register

4. Choose whether you want to CONTINUE SHOP or proceed immediately CHECK THE CHECK to complete your order.


back to the product overview?

3.6 Open my shopping cart

5. You are ready to add articles to your shopping cart. To complete your order, first click SHOPPING CART on the top right.


Open your shopping basket

3.7 Finish my order

6. Check your order with the product overview. Click to continue on ORDER ORDERING .


Finish my order

3.8 Fill in or check address and / or delivery details.

7. Check your invoice details and any different delivery dates. Then click NEXT STEP .


enter invoice data and delivery address

3.9 Choose shipping method

8. Choose the desired shipping method or a delivery point of your choice. Then click NEXT STEP . We only deliver via DHL.


Choose how we send your package

3.10 Choose payment method

9. Select your preferred secure payment method. More information about our payment methods can be found under Payment methods. Then click NEXT STEP to check your order again before you finish the order.


Choose how you want to pay for your order

3.11 Approve terms and conditions

10. In connection with the European privacy legislation, you are obliged to approve the general terms and conditions. Do this by placing a check mark in front of the text below; "By clicking on" Buy "I place an order with payment obligation and I agree with the terms and conditions.".


Agree to the terms and conditions of indini

3.12 Complete order / Continue to the secure payment environment

11. Depending on the type of checkout, you will now see an overview of all your order preferences. Check your order again if necessary.

Click ADD to complete the order.

Depending on the payment method you choose, you will be directed to a secure payment environment of your payment processor to make the payment.


Proceed to the secure payment environment of your choice

4 Cancel order
4.1 How to cancel my order

Have you ordered the wrong item or do you want another product? Not bad, as long as your order has not been packaged, you can cancel your order.

Send the order confirmation email to [email protected] , and hereby state that you want to cancel the order.

5 Questions about ordering
5.1 I have not received an order / shipping confirmation?

It may be that these are blocked by the spam filter of your e-mail program. We recommend that you check your spam filter settings and adjust them if necessary. If you can not get out, please contact our Sales department, we will be happy to help you.

5.2 Are items in my shopping cart reserved for me?

No, it is not possible to reserve articles for a certain period of time. Products on the website remain available to everyone, even if you have placed them in your shopping cart or are they on your wish list.

5.3 I can not put items in my shopping cart, how is that possible?

If you are unable to put items in your shopping cart, it is possible that the security settings of your browser need to be changed. Our Sales department will gladly assist you if you can not decide for yourself.

6 Questions about payments
6.1 My order has already been paid but has not been shipped yet. How is that possible?

When you've chosen payment in advance, you must, depending on your bank, consider a payment processing time of 1 to 2 days. Once your payment has been received by us, your order will be prepared immediately for shipment. You will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail as soon as your package leaves our warehouse.

6.2 I want to pay on account but this does not work, how is that possible?

Only members of ANWR GARANT and Euretco can purchase on account.
You must enter your membership number with your account. You can enter your membership number after your company name.

6.3 I forgot to mention my order number with my payment, now what?

You will find the order number of your order in the order confirmation that you received from us by e-mail. In order to process your payment correctly, we need the correct data. That is why we ask you to contact our Sales department. This can be done by sending an e-mail to [email protected] stating your order number, date of payment, amount and account holder of the bank account you paid with.

7 Shopping
7.1 Find the product you like

There are several ways to find the product that you are looking for on our website. The search bar at the top of the site allows you to search specifically by typing in your search.

Another way to search on the site is to view the different categories. Click on the different categories in the menu.


You may see a lot of search results, we finally have a wide range for you. You can limit the results by using the different filters.

7.2 How can I sort products

When you are looking for a specific item, it is easy to sort the articles. You can sort our articles on a number of specifications:

Popularity (the most sold items are shown first)
Latest products (the newest items are listed first)
Highest price
Lowest price
Name ascending
Name descending

7.3 I am looking for a specific product, but can not find it?

Can not find what you are looking for? It may be that the search terms you use are too specific. Then try a more general description, or try it with just one word. If you still can not find what you are looking for, please contact our Sales Department.

7.4 Are items in my shopping cart reserved for me?

No, it is not possible to reserve articles for a certain period of time. Products on the website remain available to everyone, even if you have placed them in your shopping cart. If you want to be certain of your purchase, we advise you to order the item directly.

7.5 I can not put in my shopping cart, how is that possible?

If you are unable to put items in your shopping cart, it is possible that the security settings of your browser need to be changed. Our Sales department will gladly assist you if you can not decide for yourself.

8 Product pictures
8.1 Can I take photos of products from the site and use them?

You may only collect the photographs of the products purchased by you from our site and use them for your own sales. You may therefore not use the photographs of other products that have not been purchased by you.

8.2 I can not save the product photos.

If you can not save a product photo with right mouse.

Then there is another option, you can save the entire page.
- Go to a product page whose photo you want.
- find the option in the menu of your browser "Save page". then click on save.
- In the folder where you saved the page, you will find the photos.

9 My account
9.1 My account

In your 'my account' account you can see which data we have stored in your system. For example your delivery address, which orders you have placed or what you have on your wish list. You can also adjust the details associated with your personal profile, such as your delivery address. Anyone who has ever ordered from Indini has a My account.


Account Dashboard - here you can see briefly an overview of your data, such as your last order and standard delivery and billing address. You can easily and quickly change data through the various links in your overview.

my account information - the data associated with your My Account, such as your email address, salutation or password, can be changed here. Always change this information yourself! This way you can prevent abuse of your account.

my orders - this is an overview of the orders you have placed with Indini and their status. You can also view each order in more detail, for example which items you have ordered or which delivery address you have specified.

My Tickets - Here are the tickets you have submitted.

my wishlist - do you see an article that you like, but would you like to look further? Do you want to compare different articles? With 'my wish list' you can view all items together. So you do not have to look back on the articles at a return visit to Indini, but you can easily find them on your wish list.

My Shopping Cart - Here you will find the items you have placed in your shopping cart.

my newsletter
  - would you like to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, offers, new collections and many other great items? Here you can sign up for the Indini newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can also unsubscribe from the newsletter here.

Logout - You can log out here.

9.2 Create an account

Click on the top bar, top left, on the 'Create an Account' link. You will be automatically redirected to the registration page. Fill in all fields with a *. Your first name must be written in full. It is not possible to use your initials. Indini complies with all applicable privacy regulations and your information will not be provided to third parties.

Then click the "Register" button and your data will be checked. When all details are in order, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. Now you can log in and make purchases at Indini.

9.3 Log in with your account

At the top left of the page you can click on 'log in'. After this you can enter your username and password, then you will reach your personal account at Indini.

9.4 Login failed

Can not you log in? Check that you have entered your e-mail address or password correctly. You get the message

Invalid username or password


This means that your e-mail or password did not enter correctly.

If you are registered for the Newsletter, this does not automatically mean that you also have a My Indini account.

Did you forget your password? Click on 'Forgot your password?' And enter your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

password forgotten Indini

If you can no longer log in with your e-mail address, please contact our Sales department, we are happy to help you.

9.5 Remove account

If you want to delete your account, you can do so by contacting our sales department. We would appreciate it if you also state your reason for cancellation. Please note that all stored data, such as your order history, will be lost.


Your account can also be removed by our administration if:

  • You have not logged in for more than half a year.
  • When checking your details do not meet our purchase conditions.
10 Newsletter
10.1 How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Unsubscribe is possible via the link in the newsletter (completely below) or via your account at myijn nieuwsbrief`.

Important: We advise you not to label the Indini newsletter as spam in your e-mail system. If you do this, it is possible that you will no longer receive other e-mails from us, such as an order confirmation.

10.2 How do I signup for the newsletter?

You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the website. Enter your e-mail address and click on 'subscribe'. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail with a link to complete the registration. If you already have an account with Indini, you can also subscribe to the newsletter in the "my newsletter" option.

If you do not receive the newsletter after your confirmed registration, it may be that it is stopped by your spam filter. Please add [email protected] to your address book so that our newsletter is recognized as a normal post.


11 About jewelry
11.1 Maintaining your jewelry in perfect condition

Generally, you can wear your jewelry all day long, but they can be damaged. It is therefore advisable not to wear your jewelry during housework, gardening and other jobs. This also prevents your jewelery from coming into contact with bleach, chlorine, soap. In addition, you can also better prevent your jewelry coming into contact with perfume, cosmetics or hair spray. That way you keep your jewelry as new. If you do not wear your jewelry for a while, you can store it in a jewelry box. Cleaning jewelry is very simple. You can best clean your jewelry in a bowl of warm water with a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Brush your jewelry with a soft brush until foam starts. Rinse your jewelry with warm water and then pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

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